Rapid transfer

Whether it is inward or outward payment, SWIFT is the fastest way to transmit or receive funds worldwide. Combined with our remittance experience and presence in India with our 2,900 Indian branches, Bank of Baroda - Brussels is fully playing its prominent part in international banking affairs.

Open to our customers as well as non customers (benefit of cheaper charges) who want to remit funds worldwide , we will use our very strong network of foreign financial intermediaries.

For transferring funds, you will need to provide Beneficiary account number (IBAN if beneficiary is in E.U.), name and address and SWIFT BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of the bank where beneficiary maintain his account.

If at anytime, you encounter a difficulty for filling our remittance instructions or simply have a question or doubt, please don’t hesitate to Contact us by phone or by e-mail at info@bankofbaroda-be.com.

Our staff will always be pleased to answer, advise and guide you through transfer of funds process.

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