Personnal services

Whether you are a resident or a non-resident of Belgium, Bank of Baroda, Brussels offers lot of services with a view to serve and satisfy their customers all around the world.

For example if you are a non-resident indian, our office can open NRE, FCNR Accounts to be parked at our Indian branches (for more information on NRI services, please refer to our central office’s website :

We also open and conduct following deposit account in major currencies.

current account

Current Account

Available in GBP, USD and EURO, this flexible account manages your day-to-day transactions and is free of maintenance charges !

multitude of available resources


Attractive rate of interest for various time buckets are offered to all our customers.

customer relations


Cash facilities can be considered based on merits of each case.

customer relations

Rapid Transfer

With the facilitate of SWIFT available at our end, we transact in safe, secure and fast environment the world over.

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