Trade finance

Bank of Baroda - Brussels, benefiting of its strong network, is very active in Financing International Trade. Our large foreign currency resources and overseas branches enable us to propose the most competitive services for international trade bills.

Our reputation and our correspondent relationship with reputed International Banks throughout the world allow us to offer prompt and efficient services to traders who want to be present in International Market.

  • Advising and/or Confirmation of Letter Of Credit
  • Export Letter Of Credit Negotiation
  • Export Documentary Collection
  • Buyer’s Credit
  • Seller’s Credit
  • Issuance Of Letter Of Credit
  • Import Documentary Collection

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For any questions or query, our specialized staff will guide, advise and find solutions for importers and exporters.

In order to offer the best International Objectives for your Corporate and as all above services are subjected to special rules and conditions, we recommend you to Contact us by phone and/or by e-mail at the following address

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