Credit facilities

Strong of its more than 100 years in international banking, Bank of Baroda follow our corporate customers and propose lot of credit facilities being an arrangement for a growing international market place.

With more than 30 years of existence in Belgium, our dedicated team of professionals have the required competence for handling loans and other advances to corporate who need financial arrangements.

Subject to terms and conditions, you will need to get an appointment with our credit Officer, whose coordinates are available at our Contact us Section.

Our Brussels office place three different kinds of Credit facilities at our Corporate customers’ disposal :


We have the competence to handle syndicated Corporate Loans for projects in India or in any country across the globe. For giving our We can be reached as Facility Agent, Arranger or Participant.


After examination and approval by our professional staff, project can be proposed as a medium term loans.

We undertake project finance at highly competitive terms, subject to Government / Regulatory conditions.

Funds can be converted also in any currency of borrower’s choice.


Our Brussels office offers following types of Bank Guarantees :
- Financial Guarantees
- Performance Guarantees

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